From Heart to Spirit

From Heart to Spirit

My Pregnancy Must Haves

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Number 6: Yoga DVD yoga

Now I have to be completely honest – I haven’t used my Pregnancy Yoga DVD much. However, just the knowledge that I have it and that it’s ready for me whenever I have the motivation to actually use it keeps me feeling pretty good. Pre-pregnancy I was all about working out and going to the gym. Staying active and fit was pretty important. There’s just something about being pregnant that takes that drive out of you, but that’s where a good yoga DVD can come into play. I received a Yoga 4 Pregnancy DVD led by Brenda Strong of Desperate Houswives. It’s a great workout for all three trimesters. She even gives some great labor techniques that you can do with your partner. The exercises aren’t too challenging and I’m sure they will certainly help during labor. So if you’re expecting or may be in the near future, it’s definitely something to have on hand….just in case! You can purchase the DVD for $24.95 from the Yoga 4 Fertility website.

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