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It is our personal mission to help support you towards loving yourself, no matter where you are in life.

Strong Yoga®4Women was created by Brenda Strong to support women on their life journey through reproductive difficulties, relationships, pregnancy and yes, even that “naughty word” menopause.

She discovered through her own practice and teaching over the last two decades that being a woman today is a journey and we are always evolving. Whenever life offers us a crisis, there is an opportunity to grow.

During these times of growth, yoga helps us to enhance mental clarity, balance emotions, and heal the body from the inside out. These yoga practices will help balance your moon (menstrual) cycle, enhance feminine energy and increase your ability to receive to create. In addition, they help to decrease your stress and increase your health and well being.

Strong Yoga®4Women acknowledges that we as women are unique in our make up, and are the vessels of creation, whether it is to create a child, a relationship, or manifest our dreams. It is the practice of being with ourselves fully in the present moment that allows us to get the full measure of its sweetness.

Strong Yoga®4Fertility

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If you are pregnant or wanting to become pregnant, you are in the right place.

Strong Yoga®4Fertility offers participants expert instruction in Yoga asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing techniques) that nourish the reproductive organs, calm the nervous system and relax the mind and body. Using specifically developed breathing and visualization techniques, Brenda Strong and her highly trained team teach the innate connection between the mind and body that will help you shift away from anxiety to empowered presence. This helps you relax into the uncertainty, connect to the present moment and embrace the journey ahead one step at a time.


Are you a yoga teacher interested in receiving your Strong Yoga®4Fertility Certification (SY4F)?

We offer Teacher Training workshops and retreats throughout the year for interested professionals.

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Are you a Fertility Clinic or Acupuncturist?

We invite Fertility Clinics and Acupuncturists to join the Strong Yoga® Movement and offer Strong Yoga®4Women in their practices.

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Strong Yoga®4Pregnancy

Strong Yoga 4 Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you will find this exquisite program delightfully helpful. We have offered you simple at home yoga routines for typical issues during pregnancy, and created a yoga DVD that covers the three trimesters with specific routines appropriate for each stage of your pregnancy.

This DVD is sensitive to those who have undergone fertility challenges and still may be holding on to some fear of loss.

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Strong Yoga®4Menopause

goddess3If you are going through this life change, the attitude with which you approach this transition will mean the difference between fear and resistance or ease and grace.

Feeling moody? Cranky? Hot? Tired? Restless? Bleeding irregularly? These and more could be symptoms that say you’ve reached midlife and are ready to embrace a new stage of life. Yoga is for every age and stage of a woman’s life.

Click this link below to reveal 5 poses Brenda Strong recommends to help improve sleep, increase energy reserves, lower blood pressure and balance your hormones.

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Strong Yoga 4® Partners

255Deepen your connection and have some fun with Partner Yoga!

If you are looking for healthy relationships with yourself, your partner and the world, you are in the right place. Yoga literally means “union” and by learning the principles of breath, and body awareness, you will find all of your relationships becoming more fulfilling and authentic.

Infertility can take a toll on the intimacy of any relationship. Through this practice, you will have fun exploring your relationship in a non-verbal way and help re-discover the connection and intimacy you desire. These practices successfully relieve stress with couples undergoing reproductive difficulties.

Brenda’s DVD, Yoga 4® Partners is designed to enhance the intimacy of any relationship and give you tools to combat stress and develop strength and awareness.

"Here is a sweet, 25-minute session for two partners that includes 15 simple paired exercises or yoga asana. Each exercise or asana represents, and is named as, some admirable quality or qualities learned from the cooperative effort, which can then, according to the teacher’s premise, be applied to every life.[…Brenda Strong has] produced an easily doable, straight-forward practice that emphasizes both self-and-other-awareness. [She is] an excellent model performing the work with compatible grace and harmony."Yoga Journal November 2002