From Heart to Spirit

From Heart to Spirit

Strong Yoga® Presents: Strength to Share Your Story

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Join the hundreds of women around the world who are finding the strength to share their stories about fertility with Strong Yoga®4Fertility.

We know from personal experience the feelings of isolation, shame, lack of information, and powerlessness that come from someone facing fertility challenges.

As part of Brenda Strong’s global mission, we here at Strong Yoga®4Fertility are taking a stand and creating a safe place where we can share information, laugh, cry, and find some peace around this topic.

After all, isn’t that exactly how women have supported each other through the centuries and around the world?

Here’s How to Join the Movement:

  1. Come over to our Facebook Fan Page.
  2. Join the conversation by adding POSITIVE comments and support.
  3. Share this with your friends and invite them to join the conversation.

Our Strong Yoga® Promise:

    1. We will monitor the comments and shares and keep this a respected and safe place, deleting any comments that are not supportive or helpful.
    2. We will assist and support you in any way we possibly can, helping to connect you to one another.
    3. We will provide you with wonderful services and opportunities to share in person, including our current listing of Retreats & Workshops!
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